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User Needs and Assessment

By the Numbers: 2011-2012

Total holdings: 1,267,966
Library visits: 322,821
Items checked out: 59,256
ILL transactions: 12,927
Reference questions: 2,360 
Student appointments: ~900
Instruction sessions: 184

Assessment at Carleton

General Library Assessment Resources

Information Literacy in Student Writing Project

2012/13 Goals

  • Update the assessment plan prepared in 2010/11
  • Prepare summary report for incoming college librarian that includes the updated assessment plan along with a brief history of the committee, current plans, and our understanding of UNA’s role in library assessment
  • Plan and prepare a website for UNA on library pages
  • Explore, plan and develop a Data Warehouse pilot project with the aim of implementation in fall of 2013
  • Continued communication with library staff and campus regarding library assessment information

About Assessment in Gould Library

The User Needs and Assessment (UNA) Team monitors library-wide assessment activities and coordinates internal assessment practices. Members of UNA liaise between external groups and the library on assessment matters.


Team Members:

  • Vicki Burgess, Technical Services
  • Susan Hoang, Reference & Instruction
  • Tom Lamb, Technical Services
  • Danya Leebaw, Reference & Instruction (team lead)
  • Lois Perkins, Loan Services
  • Heather Tompkins, Reference & Instruction

Current draft assessment plan

UNA began drafting a library assessment plan in 2010. This is the current version of that plan. We will be updating the plan to correspond with the next library strategic plan (2013).

Assessment Links

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