Schedule an Appointment with Kristin Partlo

Schedule an Appointment with Kristin

My Office: Libe 466

In the Reference Room, 4th Libe
Just to the left of the tapestry.

Kristin's office

Happy to be your advisor

Hi! My name is Kristin and I am so happy to be your liberal arts advisor. I'm looking forward to getting to know you. Conversations outside of advising days are welcome - and a great idea. Email is fine for short exchanges, but do know that I'm happy to meet in my office or over coffee or lunch. Contact me and let's make plans.

Ways to contact me:

  • Emails work great to start a conversation
  • Drop by my office any time. My free/busy schedule will give you a sense of whether I'll be available.
  • Call 222-7668


Sign Up for an Advising Meeting


Click here to
Sign up for an advising appointment


During advising days, you'll need to meet with me. I will set aside hours for these meetings and you can sign up using this link.

Follow these instructions:

Sign in with your Carleton account
You’ll see a calendar with my available times superimposed on your own Carleton calendar. Find a time that will work for you and click the signup button.
Fill out the “Book an Appointment” screen.
If you click “view/edit in Google Calendar” you can change the details, say, to a name that will be more meaningful to you.  

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A wise student makes use of the variety of support available. Taking advantage of the rich support services at Carleton is not a sign of struggling - it is a sign that you know how to use the resources suited to your task. These services and more will be important at different times to thrive at Carleton.

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