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SOAN 307: Human Trafficking

For Prof. Elizabeth Trudeau - Spring 2023

Government, Intergovernmental, and Nonprofit Country Reports

Nonprofits and government agencies concerned about human trafficking put out reports often with overviews for every country. These can be a great place to start, to discover the basic framework of what is happening in a country, the most relevant laws and policies, the most recent developments, and important context that shapes how trafficking occurs and is resisted in each place. These details can be used to do further research, especially when seeking keywords to use.

Search Multiple Agencies and Producers of Policy Information

Narrowing Your Factiva Search

Subject > Political/General News > National/Public Security > Armed Forces
Subject > Political/General News > National/Public Security > State Security Measures/Policies

Also try any of the following

Source > By Type > Government and Politics

Source > By Region > ...

Region > ...

For example, to find documents from the last three months having to do with Pakistan's military, you might use the following filters (see the yellow-orange boxes)

Example screenshot of a Factiva search

[image content: a screenshot of Factiva showing filters for Pakistan, subjects of State Security Measures and Armed Forces, and news filters to Pakistan]