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The internet abroad

The internet is not the same in every country! Before you go abroad check with Iris or the Academic Technologists to see if you will have access to things like Gmail that you will need while you're abroad.

Also, be aware that things like Netflix, Hulu, YouTube and even regular old Google have country-specific platforms and contents. In some cases you may be able to get around these differences by using the a VPN, Proxy, or different URLs.


Install and use Carleton's VPN (this is easiest to do if you're on campus when you install it)


Use a proxy browser, such as TorBrowser, which allows you to select the country you want the internet to think you're from at the moment.


Manually typing in (the .com ending may be all that's needed) or if that's not enough, use (the NCR means "No Country Redirect") will get you results that may be more useable to you.

Using the Library from Off-Campus

Wherever you are in the world with an internet connection, much of the library’s collection can be accessed online. The library subscribes to many resources that are available electronically; they are almost always available from off-campus, but the vendor - database provider - must know that you are a Carleton-affiliated individual.

Two options for Carleton Students, Faculty, and Staff:

  1. If you are off campus, links to library resources from the library's website will prompt you to log into the library's Proxy Server. If you'd like to get started right now, this link will prompt you to log in and then take you to the library's main page.
  2. Install Carleton's VPN (Virtual Private Network), it's best to do the installation process while you're on campus. Once installed, if you log into the VPN all library resources should work for you as if you were on campus.


Alumni: See the tab above for Alumni Access to research materials.


Please let us know if you are having trouble reaching our resources from off-campus.