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How to Cite Your Sources

Saving What You Find Online

Nothing's worse than copying down a URL incorrectly, or putting a bunch of web sites into one browser's bookmarks and then moving to another computer. These tools help solve these problems.

Online Citation Generators

These online tools help you format simple citations (book, article) into the right style.  Remember, however, that you are the one responsible for getting it right.

Bibliographic Management Systems

Handwritten notes are great (as long as they're complete!), but if you want something a little more searchable, re-usable, and less easily lost, here are some options. If these don't meet your needs, come talk to a librarian, or just use handwritten notes.

Whatever you do, make sure you keep GOOD notes. There's nothing more frustrating than writing up your paper and realizing you missed the volume number on a journal citation or the publish information on a book citation and having to backtrack. We've all done it, and it's not fun!

Tools for Searching, Organizing, and Note-taking: A Comparison

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