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Schedule an Appointment with Kristin


Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles

Partlo, Kristin. 2014. "From Data to Creation of Meaning Part II: Data Librarian as Translator." IASSIST Quarterly 38 (2):12-15.

Partlo, Kristin. 2009. "The Pedagogical Data Reference Interview." IASSIST Quarterly 33 (4):6-10.

Book Chapter

Partlo, Kristin, Diana Symons, and Jonathan Carlson. 2015. "Revolutionary or Evolutionary: Making Research Data Management Manageable." In Creating Research Infrastructures in the 21st-Century Academic Library, edited by Bradford Lee Eden, 175-201. Lanham, Maryland: Rowman & Littlefield.

Proceedings Papers

Leebaw, Danya, Kristin Partlo, and Heather Tompkins. 2013. "'How Is This Different From Critical Thinking?': The Risks and Rewards of Deepening Faculty Involvement in an Information Literacy Rubric." Imagine, Innovate, Inspire: The Proceedings of the ACRL 2013 Conference, April 10-13, 2013, Indianapolis, IN.

Partlo, Kristin and Ann Zawistoski. 2011. "Library Confidential: Boundaries and Benefits of Demystifying Student Appointments for Faculty." Declaration of Independence: The Proceedings of the ACRL 2011 Conference, March 30-April 2, 2011, Philadelphia, PA.



[In process ... forgive the incompletion]


"Where's the Data? Building Data Services for Liberal Arts Colleges" with Gina Bastone and Ryan Clement, a panel at ACRL 2015, Portland, OR, March 27. 

"Emergency Planning for Safe Learning Environments: Simple, Sustainable Solutions for Complex Times" with Iris Jastram, a workshop at ACRL 2015, Portland, OR, March 26. [handouts]

"Ethically Navigating the Lies, Damn Lies, and Statistics" a panelist with Rich Graves, David Liben-Nowell, and Christopher Tassava at a Carleton Learning and Teaching Center lunch, March 3. [event listing and abstract]


"Collaborative Outreach and Education for Research Data Management and Use" with Jason Paul and Heather Tompkins at the Upper Midwest Digital Collections Conference, Minneapolis, MN, August 19. [presentation]

"From Data to Creation of Meaning Part II: Data Librarian as Translator" paper presented at IASSIST 2014, Toronto, Canada, Wednesday, June 4, Session 3J "Developing Meaningful Data Support Roles and Services."  [paper, presentation]. 

ISIS Discussion on Data, May 2

Library Technology Conference, "Revolutionary or Evolutionary" workshop session, May 2014



"Future of the Liberal Arts Library: Data Services," NITLE webinar panel participant with Heather Van Volkinburg, Wendy Shook, and Jeremy McWilliams, chaired by Mark Dahl, April 24, 2013. [slides]

MnObe Reference Group, Data Curation & Management for Liberal Arts, October 14, 2013



MnObe Reference Group, presentation on Outreach to TRiO

"Organizing for Creativity" LTC lunch presentation with Paula Lackie and Heidi Eyestone, March 6. [presentation notes, my slides, video of presentation - Carleton only]



ACRL paper presented



"Pedagogy of the Data Reference Interview" paper presented at IASSIST 2010, Ithaka, New York, Friday, June 4, Session G1 "Data Reference in Depth (Part II): Access, Citation, and Instruction." [abstract, slides]



"Data Discovery and Access" NITLE Webinar with Danya Leebaw, November 17, in the series "Special Topics in Quantitative Analysis." [slidesresource guide]



"Supporting Undergrads with  Data," IASSIST 2008 workshop with Paula Lackie and Michelle Edwards. 



"Bargain Bookmarks and Priceless Tags: Socially Organizing Social Data" presentation with Rachael Barlow at IASSIST 2007, Montreal, Canada, Wednesday, May 16, Session A1 "Self Archiving or Self-Storage: Which Is It to Be?" [abstract, presentation wiki archived by Internet Archive]



"Start Seeing Numbers" ACRL conference workshop with Ann Zawistoski, Paula Lackie and Doug Foxgrover. [Presentation web site archived by Internet Archive] 

Other Lists of Publications

As a librarian, I like to experiment with different ways to disseminate information. As an imperfect librarian, I end up with multiple lists of my publications. Here are a few.