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Schedule an Appointment with Kristin

Schedule an Appointment with Kristin

Summer Scheduling

During the breaks it is best to contact me directly to set up a consultation.

Phone: 507-222-7668

If it helps, you can consult my free/busy schedule. Emails, calls, and drop-ins are all welcome!

Places to Find Kristin

My Office, 466
In the Reference Room, 4th Libe

Kristin's office

Research/IT Desk

Reference Desk

Other Ways to Find Kristin in Summer

1. Stop by and see my office off the Reference Room, Libe 466!

2. Send an email to me - if you're off campus we can use Zoom or Hangouts if necessary.

3. Work with any available librarian by using the library chat box or or stopping by the Research/IT Desk and talking to the librarian on call.


Chat with a Librarian Now

When Carleton librarians are not available, librarians from other institutions will be available to help you 24/7.