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HIST 298: Junior Colloquium

Professor Adeeb Khalid - Fall 2020

Citation example

“[General Washington Talks to Quakers].” Massachusetts Spy (Worcester, MA). March 26, 1778. America’s Historical Newspapers.

Why I did what I did:

- I'm not including the URL because it's too long to be helpful. The name of the database takes the place of the URL.

- The title is in brackets because I had to make it up myself

- I included the place of publication because it's not a well known newspaper. It should NOT be italicized.


How to cite newspaper articles in Zotero from Readex: America's Historical Newspapers

[these are general guidelines -- modify as needed]

  • Item type = Newspaper article (probably)
  • Title = Headline (if it makes sense). If it’s a [No headline] or just a date, you may consider [adding your own title in brackets]
  • Author = frequently won’t be one
  • Publication = Use standard title (not title as written)
  • Place = City, state abbr.
  • Edition = if there is one [Sunday edition, Evening edition, etc]
  • Date = change to Month Day, Year (March 26, 1778)
  • Section = if there is one
  • Pages = page number(s) the article is on (go to “full page” to double check)
  • Archive = America’s Historical Newspapers
  • PUT URL IN “Extra” [from “Bookmark”]