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Gould Library staff continue our commitment to support the teaching and research needs of the Carleton community. Information on remote access to library resources and services will be updated regularly on the Remote Resources and Guidance for Library Users page and this FAQ. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need additional assistance.

Organizing Your Research: Individually and with Groups


Assigning tags to bookmarks, items in a bibliography, research notes, and documents in a collection is a fantastic way to allow yourself to sort in meaningful ways. Once you can sort, you can look for patterns and identify work that needs to be done (as well as see your progress).

  • Keywords to describe content
    The most obvious use of tags, and the easiest to start. Perhaps the hardest to use consistently.
  • Words describing workflow
    Tell yourself what needs to be done with items: to-read, skim bibliography, potential-data, etc.
  • Placement
    Where in your project will you use this item: introduction, section3, methodology, lit-review, theoretical-grounding, etc.

Literature and Data Tracking Sheet

Open this spreadsheet, make yourself a copy, share with your collaborators. Use it to list all works you intend to take action on (e.g., read, skim for sources, read for methodology, etc.).

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