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SOAN 100: Debating Difference in Twenty-first Century America

For Professor Daniel Williams - Fall 2014

Why Use Specialized Indexes?

Online databases of citations and abstracts are a rich place to search a specific body of literature for a topic, author, or set of ideas. Unlike a Google search, your results are focused on scholarly articles (or other limited sets), so you can use search terms differently, search broadly and browse, and take advantage of subject terms/descriptors that link together like materials. 

Use the FindIt button  to access the materials you discover there, or look them up in Catalyst or the Journals List. As always, if you need assistance, just contact a librarian. This is our bread and butter.

Recommended Journals: Media

Indexes to Articles and Chapters for This Class

A Different Approach - Search By Journal

Search within journal titles you know, like those in your syllabus, or ones specialized for a very particular type of research:

  • Social Problems
  • Gender and Society

Use an Advanced Google Scholar search (the little arrow on the far right of the search box) to limit to a particular journal:

"Can I Get This Article?"

The authoritative source (besides talking to a librarian) on Carleton's journal subscriptions is the Journals List.  When you have identified a journal article that you want to read, follow the steps below.

Exercise: Find the Text from a Citation

Bennett, Pamela R. and Yu Xie. "Revisiting Racial Differences in College Attendance: The Role of Historically Black Colleges and Universities." American Sociological Review 68, no. 4 (08, 2003): 567-580.

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