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IDSC 100: Let's Talk About Race! Exploring Race in Higher Education

Professor Anita Chikkatur - Fall 2023

APA 7th Style Manual

Basic Citations Patterns for APA

Basic Format for citing data sets using APA:

Author (year data was published). Name of data or report. Retrieved from [URL].

Note: for the data sets we will collect in this class, the author will always be the United States Census Bureau.


Example (from Social Explorer):

U.S. Census Bureau (2013). Median household income, American Community Survey 5-year estimates, table 57. Retrieved from Social Explorer

Note: You might not be able to create a persistent link from Social Explorer when using tables on this database. For example, the link above will most likely take you to the homepage of Social Explorer instead of the table in the citation. However, making sure that the rest of your citation is detailed and correct, it should lead to the appropriate page and table if someone would like to see this data.