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SOAN 110 Introduction to Anthropology

For Professor Rothenberg -- Spring 2017

Tips for Searching Catalyst

Use keywords that describe your topic combined with keywords that tend to signify published primary source. Also, watch for some of these terms and phrases in the facet options.


  • "social life and customs"
  • "case studies"
  • ethnology (but this includes all items that use ethnographic field research techniques, not just ethnographies, so note that this is a broad search)

General Primary Sources:

  • sources
  • narratives
  • "early works to 1800"
  • "early accounts to 1600"
  • laws
  • memior
  • letters
  • correspondence


Ethnography & Ethnographic Reports

Catalyst -- The Library Catalog

When you want to search for books and government documents in the Carleton and St. Olaf libraries (excluding article-level works), you'll want to use the "Books" tab of Catalyst from the library homepage, 

or, since you're here, just use the search box below.

Books & eBooks

Call Numbers and Anthropology

Books in the library are organized by subject according to the Library of Congress call number system. The call numbers begin with the A's on first and go up through third floor. Books in anthropology may be located in several places on first and second floors. Use these call numbers to go browse the stacks or filter results in Catalyst.

GN – Anthropology
GT – Manners and customs
HM – Sociology
HT – Communities. Classes. Races

D - World history and history of Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, etc.

Africa - DT1-3415
Asia - DS1-937
Europe - D1-2027
Other areas (Oceania) - DU1-950

E-F - History of the Americas

North America - E31-49.1
South America - F2201-3799


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