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HIST 386: Africa: Art, Nation, Politics

Prof. Thabiti Willis -- Spring 2018

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I'm happy to work with you!

Departments: History, European Studies, Medieval and Renaissance Studies, and Digital Arts and Humanities.

Schedule an appointment (In person or Zoom)

​Scheduled Appointment

  • In person (at a table in the Library's 4th floor Reference Room), or over Zoom (link in Google Calendar event) -- choose location when booking the appointment

Unscheduled Appointment​

  • Email - ANY TIME

In person consultations at Drawing Board

Drawing Board on 4th Libe (2019)


  • From the front door, walk straight in the building
    • You'll walk past the Circulation/Reserves Desk, past the Writing Center, and past the staircase
  • The U-shaped Drawing Board couches will be ahead and slightly to your left immediately when you enter the Reference Room. They are gray with tall blue noise barriers. 

Common questions

  • I have a big paper due in a few weeks and don't know what to do first. Help?
  • I've never used a library before -- how do I start?
  • What is a reference book...and where are they?
  • My professor suggested using Zotero. What's that?
  • I want to browse the stacks, but have never done that before and don't know which section to go to. Help?
  • I have a general topic, but don't know how realistic it is. How do I figure that out?
  • I'm in the middle of writing my paper and just came across a reference to a very specific primary source. How do I find it?