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CS 257: Software Design

For Professor Amy Csizmar Dalal - Spring 2023

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Kristin Partlo

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Feel free to consult my free/busy schedule.

Types of Questions Students Bring to Librarians

Here are a few ideas of the kinds of things students ask me in appointments:

  • How to access a journal article, book, or other publication that's hard to find.
  • Improving on existing searching: where else to look, can't find something you expected to find.
  • Not sure where to start and want to talk it through.
  • Tips for searching in an unfamiliar discipline.
  • Everything about searching for data - where to start, how to know what you're looking at, how long to keep trying, etc.
  • Not sure what I've found - is this a publication? Is it credible? Does it count as peer-reviewed?
  • How to use Catalyst - I haven't used libraries like this much or at all before.
  • I thought there would be lots of research, but I can't find much.
  • There is too much and I am not sure how to scope what I choose to read.
  • How to use Zotero or EndNote.
  • Wonder about resources I haven't found or used before.
  • How do I know when I've searched enough?