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Gould Library staff continue our commitment to support the teaching and research needs of the Carleton community. Information on remote access to library resources and services will be updated regularly on the Remote Resources and Guidance for Library Users page and this FAQ. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need additional assistance.

Digital Scholarship @ Gould Library

How the library supports digital scholarship

Digital scholarship is scholarly and curricular work that requires the use of computing and/or digital tools in service of humanities, social sciences, and arts scholarship, either in methodology, product, or both. We are part of the larger, collaborative Digital Liberal Arts support network at Carleton College.​

What do we do?

  • Course support: Work with faculty teaching courses with digital scholarship assignments, including those that are part of the Digital Arts & Humanities (DGAH) minor, to support their students’ research
  • Project management: Support multi-year grant-funded faculty scholarship projects 
  • Collaboration: Partner with other faculty and staff around campus to support digital scholarship projects
  • Student worker supervision: Fund and supervise student workers who support digital scholarship around campus (Digital Humanities Associates and Digital Scholarship Interns)
  • Event planning: Support events around campus about digital scholarship, including the annual Day of DH
  • Collection management: Create and host archives of digital scholarship projects on Library-managed platforms such as CONTENTdm and Carleton Digital Commons
  • Data acquisition: Work with relevant partners and vendors to gain access to data sets (of any sort of primary source material) that can be used in digital scholarship projects
  • Outreach: Promote digital scholarship, open access, and other related issues around campus, with St Olaf, and in the larger Northfield community by hosting one-time events and giving public talks
  • Grant proofing: Help faculty and staff formulate grant proposals for digital scholarship funding


Library Staff

Digital scholarship at Carleton is supported by many staff members in Gould Library, as part of Carleton’s distributed model of digital scholarship support. 

Student Workers

Currently, there are two groups of student workers primarily supporting library staff work on information literacy in digital scholarship projects - Digital Humanities Associates (DHAs) and Digital Scholarship Interns (DSIs). Both programs are partially supported by Gould Library, in conjunction with our digital scholarship partners across campus in the Humanities Center and ITS. Read more about the work that both groups of student workers are doing on their blogs!

Day of DH

The Library, along with the Humanities Center and ITS, co-sponsors the annual Day of DH event. It usually happens at the end of the spring term each year in the Weitz Center for Creativity. 

Collections and Repositories

The Library provides access to digital collection material in multiple formats that is used in digital scholarship around campus. The Library also curates and describes digital material that is created by Carleton faculty and students. This includes material from the Carleton Archives, digital scholarship projects, student publications, and course material.

  • Gould Library collections, including data, textual sources, ephemeral sources, and others

  • Digital collections in CONTENTdm, including material from Carleton Archives and Special Collections, material from Northfield History Collaborative, and the creative output from many faculty and students projects.

  • Digital collections in Carleton Digital Commons, including research, scholarship, and creative expression from faculty, students, and staff