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Schedule an Appointment with Emily

Schedule an Appointment with Emily

Emily Scharf

I'm happy to meet with you!

My office hours change from day to day, so please click on the link below and schedule a time to meet with me.

Click Here to Schedule an Appointment

If our calendars do not match, please email me at escharf (we can usually work something out) or stop by the Research/IT Desk where there's no appointment necessary.

Office: Libe 469
Phone: 507-222-7176

What happens during our appointment?

When we meet to discuss your research we might discuss the following or answer the questions below:

  • How do I find books, articles, studies, etc. on my topic?
  • How do I find specific books, articles, etc.?
  • How can I find psychology articles relating to a specific test or measure?
  • How can I follow the scholarly conversation around my research topic?
  • Preparing for your Comps
  • Preparing to do research during an Off Campus Program