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Finding Full Text

Finding the full text of articles in Catalyst, library databases, and Google Scholar

Search Catalyst for article titles, journal titles, or author names


Accessing Full Text in Catalyst

Scholarly journals are going to be found, in most cases, either online or in print.

Searching Catalyst is a great way to determine what kind of subscription the library has and how to get your hands (or eyes, as the case may be) on it. To get the most comprehensive set of results for your search, make sure the "Include articles at other libraries" box in the top left corner of the page is checked.






Instant Electronic Access

Searching in Catalyst will show you a record for each article matching your search. That record will tell you whether this is available electronically, in print, both, or neither. If it is available, you will see a message "Online Access" near the top of the page.

Scrolling down will show you the electronic options for that article, and the coverage in each database...

Follow a link and you'll be taken to the article.


Print Journals

If the library subscribes in print, you need to find the call number for the journal in Catalyst. Then go to the moving stacks on the 3rd floor of the library where the journals are. Catalyst shows the call number so you know where to find it on 3rd Libe.

If the print copy is only at St. Olaf, log in to Catalyst, then click the St. Olaf Library entry to expand it. Find the issue you need, then click the Request link to have the journal sent over to Carleton, where you can pick it up at the Circulation Desk.

Screenshot example of a Catalyst record for a print journal at St. Olaf













If Carleton Doesn't Subscribe

If Carleton doesn't subscribe to the journal for the issue you need, make a request through Interlibrary Loan.

Screenshot example of Catalyst article that might need to be requested from ILL









Screenshot example of Catalyst signal to request via ILL

Browsing Journals

You can find out if Carleton subscribes to a particular journal (print and/or electronic) by using the Journal Search:

From the Library home page, click the Articles tab, then the button that says Browse Journals. Once there, search for your journal title. 

If the journal is available electronically, follow the link. If a journal is available in paper at Carleton, write down the call number.