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LGBT Government Documents "Hidden in Plain Sight"

Guide to accompany presentation at NDMB Spring Symposium, 2015


Some things to keep in mind about LGBT government information (gov. info.):

  • Gov. info. reflects the historical and current state of LGBT issues

(e.g. Census efforts to tabulate same-sex marriage)

  • NGOs may harvest gov. info. in an easier-to-use interface

(e.g. OpenSecrets)

  • Guidelines affect reporting.  What is available and what may be missed?

(e.g. hate crime statistics)

  • Watch for communication from government orgs. about topical issues. 

(e.g. Obamacare)

  • Agency initiatives may indicate of Executive branch leadership.

(e.g. bullying)

  • Historical language and terminology can be important when searching digital collections.

(e.g. Union of Sexual Minorities).

ND/MB ACRL Symposium 4/27/15