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How to Spot a Journal Article Citation

Citation styles vary, but article citations generally have an author's name, an article title (in quotation marks), a journal title (in italics), volume and issue numbers, a year of publication, and page numbers.

citation example

  1. Article citations do not have publisher information (e.g., if you see X University Press, you're probably looking at some kind of book)
  2. To access the article, copy the article title (the part in quotes) and paste it into Catalyst to search. Follow the prompts.

Book Chapter Citations - Don't Be Fooled

Book citations generally have an author's name, a book title (in italics), and a place and year of publication. Citations to chapters in books will include all of these things with the addition of a chapter title (before the book title, and in quotations marks) and an editor's name (after the book title).

citation example

  1. Book citations rarely include volume information and never issue numbers. 
  2. To access the book, copy the book title (the part in italics) and paste it into Catalyst to search there.