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Citation Style Manuals

If you cannot find specific guidance in the AIP Style Guide, you should follow the Chicago Manual of Style - "Notes and Bibliography" version. 
  • Look at examples for Notes (not Bibliography Entry)
  • Use initials for first names instead of spelling them out as in Chicago
  • Order the elements of your citation according to the AIP manual, as it differs from Chicago's.

Sample Citations

Journal articles

First-Initial Last-Name, Abbreviated-Journal-Title Volume-Number, Start-Page (year).

If article title is to be included:

First-Initial Last-Name, "Article Title (not always included)," Abbreviated-Journal-Title Volume-Number, Start-Page (year).

If end-pages are to be included:

First-Initial Last-Name, Abbreviated-Journal-Title Volume-Number, StartPage-EndPage (year).


1. J. B. Ruebeck, J. Lin, and A. K. Pattanayak, Phys. Rev. E 95, 062222 (2017).

2. A. J. Metcalf, C. D. Fredrick, R. C. Terrien et. al, Opt. Lett. 44, 2673 (2019).


First-Initial Last-Name, Title, Xnd ed. (edition number) (Publisher, Publisher-City, Year), p. start-number.

Note: book titles should be italicized. 

If a book chapter or conference paper:

First-Initial Last-Name, in Proceedings-Title-Or-Book-Title, edited by First-Name Last-Name (Publisher, Publisher-City, Year), p. start-number.


K. F. Kaplan, C. F. Bender, R. C. Terrien, in Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XXVIII (Astronomical Society of the Pacific, San Francisco, 2019).

Finding Journal Abbreviations

In AIP Style, scholarly journals are referred to using abbreviated titles; for example, the journal Reviews of Modern Physics would be abbreviated to Rev. Mod. Phys. If journal title abbreviations do not appear automatically in your Zotero record (or if you're typing out your citations by hand), try searching by journal title in the sources linked below to find official journal title abbreviations.