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BIOL 234: Microbiology

Professor Bruce Jarvis


Editing Your Citations

Keep in mind that Zotero citations are not perfect! You will need to compare your citations to the formatting instructions for the citation style you're using and make edits as necessary. Some common edits to check for include:

  • Capitalization: Does your citation style put article titles in sentence case or title case? (Most citation styles in the sciences use sentence case). Re-capitalize your article titles in Zotero as necessary.
  • Italicization: Genus and species names should always be italicized (and genus names should always be capitalized). To add italics to the relevant text in the Zotero record, type <i> at the beginning of the text you want capitalized and </i> where you want the italics to end.
  • Journal abbreviations: Some citation styles in the sciences list the full names of journals, while others list abbreviated journal names; for example, the journal Evolutionary Biology might be abbreviated as Evol. Biol. If the citation style you're using requires abbreviated journal titles, refer to this page for information on adding journal abbreviations to your Zotero records.

Make sure that all of your edits are made in the Zotero record, NOT in your Word or Google doc. If you try to make these edits in your document, they will be overwritten the next time your document syncs with Zotero.