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HIST 100: Unkown Latin America

Professor Pedro Quijada--fall 2022

Catalyst: Finding Books and Articles

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Two kinds of books, monographs and essay collections, compose the majority of Gould library's collection. Monographs, extended analyses of a topic by one author, are abundant in the field of history. Essay collections bring together articles, often by different authors, on a given topic.

Advanced Searching Pro Tips...

  • Search for the phrase "Latin America" or the names of specific countries along with the word "history" or "politics and government" to browse relevant subject headings, like this: 
    • Peru > Politics and government > 1548-1820
    • Mexico > History > 1810- 
    • Latin America > History > To 1830
  • Note that many Library of Congress subject headings relevant to Latin American History do not begin with the name of a Latin American country or even contain the phrase "Latin America": 
    • Political participation > Chile > History
    • Popular culture > Argentina
    • Women > Political activity > Latin America

Specialized Databases (articles)

Journal articles present the most current thinking in a field, provides reviews of historiographical trends, and create a forum for intellectual exchange among professional historians. 

Journals to Browse

These are core journals in Latin American history that you might find relevant to your search. Keep in mind, however, that this list is simply to get you started!

Latin American core journals

You can use article databases to search across hundreds of journals by subject. You can also browse through a few top journals to keep abreast of current research. Below are some of the major journals in Latin American Studies.