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ENTS 120: Introduction to Geospatial Analysis

Professor John Berini - Spring 2024

Discover Data Repositories by Disciplinary Area

Want to find ecological datasets? Or data on criminal justice? The Registry of Research Data Repositories describes thousands of repositories around the world and allows you to drill down from broader to narrower disciplinary focus.

Example Data Sources by Topic

The sources in this list may not necessarily be spatial, but they could have some spatial component or geographic variables of some kind. Look for columns or variables with shapes that are standardized (county names, state names, street names, etc.) or, if you are looking for points, look for columns or variables with latitude/longitude.

People, opinions, values, choices

Environment, Climate, Earth


Collections of datasets for data science

The following sites have data which have been prepared for data science or data visualization projects and then shared. The data may be cleaner and more manageable than other options ... but they also may be far less well documented. It's unpredictable. Additionally, note that not all of these options may have spatial data.