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Topographic Maps


The library has a full set of US topographic maps shelved on the 2nd floor.  These are arranged by State and then alphabetically by quadrangle.  You can check any of the maps out if you choose - though you cannot take them into the field with you. 

We also have many US geologic, hydrologic, soil, and other thematic maps.  Many of these maps are cataloged in Catalyst.  Search for the location and topic (ie: Minnesota soil) and limit the type to maps.

GIS data

There is a lot of GIS data available on the web for use.  The links listed below are some good places to start. Be aware that not all of the data sets available through these sites are free, though all of them have some free data available.

If you have questions about using GIS, take a look at the Carleton GIS Support page.