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Because works are classified so that similar items will be shelved together, browsing the shelves can be a useful way to figure out what the library in a given field of study.  Below are some call number ranges relevant to the study of Philosophy:

  • B 1-99  Philosophy (general works)
  • B 108-708  Ancient philosophy
  • B 720-765  Medieval philosophy
  • B 770-785 Renaissance philosophy
  • B790-5802 Modern philosophy
  • BC Logic
  • BD  Speculative philosophy (including metaphysics, epistemology, methodology, ontology, cosmology)
  • BJ Ethics


Books & eBooks

Start with keyword searches in Catalyst by entering words that describe your topic (names, places, events, etc.).

Strategy: When you find a book on your topic, examine its subject headings for relevance to your topic. Click on a hyperlinked subject heading to perform subject heading search and retrieve related books.

  • Perform a subject heading search in Catalyst if you know a valid Library of Congress subject heading.
  • Search "Philosophy" to browse a list of relevant subject headings, such as: Philosophy, Modern or Ethics.
  • Note that many Library of Congress subject headings relevant to Philosophy do not begin with "Philosophy."

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