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Movies, TV, and Music at the Library

Finding, accessing, and using media resources in the library and online.

New Stuff


All of the library's audiovisual holdings are listed in Catalyst, the library's online catalog. You may search for audiovisual items just as you would a book: by title, by creator or participant (author), or by keyword.


Audio & Video

Requesting New Titles

Faculty from any department may request the purchase of videos by contacting the Library.

Once requested, please allow a minimum of two weeks for physical videos to arrive or for online videos to be cataloged and activated. Some physical videos from independent filmmakers or educational film distributors (e.g. Films for the Humanities and Sciences, Bullfrog Films) may take longer to arrive because they make each copy on demand.

Captioning and Accessibility

All of our online videos and most of our DVDs include closed-captioning, subtitles, or transcripts. If you are a student who requires captioning for a video that does not already include it, please contact Carleton's Accessibility Resources office. If you are faculty or staff, you may request captioning of a library video by Accessibility Resources via form.

Technical Support

Technical support (including equipment and duplication) for media in the classroom or anywhere outside the library is provided by Presentation, Events and Production Support (PEPS), x7070.