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ENTS 215: Environmental Ethics

Professor Colleen Carpenter - Spring 2024

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Because environmental issues are constantly changing, it is critical that you consult current scholarly articles. And, because environmental studies is a multi-disciplinary topic, where you search for articles will depend on your topic and argument.

The best way to find articles is through Catalyst and our Databases & Indexes. We have a lot of databases that cover environmental topics. Some specific databases that may be useful for this class are listed on this page.

Oxford Handbook of Environmental Ethics

Interdisciplinary Databases

Core Environmental Ethics Journals at Gould Library

Carleton subscribes to some of the major environmental ethics journals.  You'll want to look in these journals for relevant articles when working on your project.

Policy Papers and White Papers

The following indexes allow you to search for articles relevant to public policy research on the environment or for position papers, briefs, and conference materials published by policy institutes. Some are interdisciplinary, while others are focused primarily on the environment. Follow the link for examples of policy papers from the OECD.

Philosophy Articles

Economics Articles

Educational Studies Articles