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Gould Library staff continue our commitment to support the teaching and research needs of the Carleton community. Information on remote access to library resources and services will be updated regularly on the Remote Resources and Guidance for Library Users page and this FAQ. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need additional assistance.

ECON 111-01: Principles of Microeconomics (Swoboda)

For Professor Aaron Swoboda - Fall 2010

What does the library have?

The Gould Library provides you access to journals, books, newspapers, online and offline, as well as to data and statistics, images and more. Whenever you want to get your hands on some information, start asking yourself (if you don't already) can I get that through the library?

First, know that there are almost 400 library databases to search for content, which can be found on the Electronic Databases page.

How do you know what the library has? For journal articles, look for the FindIt button when you're searching or look up the journal title in the Journals List.

Search for economics journal articles

"Can I Get This Article?"

The authoritative source (besides talking to a librarian) on Carleton's journal subscriptions is the Journals List.  When you have identified a journal article that you want to read, follow the steps below.


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