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GEOL 220: Tectonics

Professor Sarah Titus - Fall 2022

Searching for Articles

These are the best databases to start with when looking for geology articles.

Special note about Journal of Geophysical Research

Special Note about the Journal of Geophysical Research

The Journal of Geophysical Research is broken into sections that are essentially their own subjournal (Solid Earth, Earth Surface, Oceans, etc), because of this our Find It service does not always recognize that journal, and it may look like we don't have access, or it may point you to the wrong section.  Fear not!

  • Online:  We have access to all sections of the Journal of Geophysical Research from 1996 - present. 
  • To find print access:  Look at the list of JGR journals on our Journals List. Click "Physical Copies" to get the call number.  If the journal is at St. Olaf, click "Sign in For Request Options" to request the volume you need.

How do you know which section an article is in?

Some citations will specify which of the JGR journals they are published in, others list the subjournal with the volume: