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CCST 100: Growing Up Cross-Culturally

Professor Stephanie Cox--fall 2023

MLA Handbook


Install and Set Up Zotero

1) Get a (free) Zotero account.

Signing up with your Carleton email address will get you unlimited free storage.
Signing up with a personal email address will get you 300MB of free storage.

2) Install BOTH the Zotero program and the Browser "Connector."

If the Zotero connector doesn't seem to be communicating with your Zotero application, go to and log in with your zotero account. This will let your browser, and therefore the connector, know who you are, and it will be able to send citations to your Zotero application again.

3) Configure Zotero's Preferences

Open Preferences
  • Windows users, click Edit > Preferences; Mac users, click Zotero > Preferences
Sync to your Zotero Account
  1. In Preferences, click "Sync"

  2. Enter your Zotero username and password.

Get Word/LibreOffice Plugins
  1. In Preferences, click "Cite."

  2. Click the button for either "Install Microsoft Word Add-in" or "Install LibreOffice/ Add-in."

Making the "Library Lookup" option work like the library's "Find It" button.
  1. In Preferences, click "Advanced."

  2. In the "OpenURL" section, replace the URL in the "Resolver" box with the URL