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Schedule an Appointment with Claudia

How I can help your students

I work with many different classes in many different ways. Here are some examples, and the ideal lead time I need to prep (and to avoid calendaring conflicts!):


  • The Library's Syllabus Statement
  • A customized Course Guide 
  • ​A short meet & greet with me, and intro to/refresher on library research (5-20 minutes)
    • 1 week lead time
    • Useful for consultation-intensive classes
  • A deeper dive into information literacy, or a guided working session (60-90 minutes)
    • 2-4 weeks lead time
    • A deeper dive into information literacy [such as: tips & tricks of specific databases; scavenger hunt for library sources; a discussion around source evaluation, etc.]
  • Small group consultations (in which I meet with 1-4 students at once)
    • Self-scheduled with the student(s), but it's helpful for me to know if you're directing the whole class to make appointments with me.
    • Feel free to put the link to my scheduler in your syllabus or on Moodle:


...or something else! Always feel free to reach out, no matter when it is.