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ECON 395: Sports Economics

For Professor Mark Kanazawa - Fall 2018

Introduction - Economics Comps Research

This guide is designed to provide you with strategies and resource suggestions for the comps process. Use the tabs on the left to navigate the various sections.

My name is Sean, the Social Sciences librarian at Carleton. I meet with lots of students to help them during comps. Sign up for a consultation with me by using the online scheduler below. 

Quick Links

Kristin or Paula?

I can help with finding, accessing, and evaluating data for use in your comps and with the literature review process. Check in with Paula about managing your data.

Developing a Topic

Create a Research Journal

Tip: It's good practice to start a research journal to organize the articles, books, websites, and data you find useful during your research.  Also keep track of the interesting arguments and ideas that come to you as you're searching.  It's less important how and where you keep track than that you do keep track