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POSC 209: Place, Politics, and Citizen Mobilization [ARCHIVED]

Professor Pat Cavanaugh - Winter 2014

Information from Scholars


Catalyst will connect you to thousands of articles on silica sand mining, including from newspapers around the country.

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Industry and Business Research

Private company information can be hard to obtain but these sources will provide some information, enable you to get articles from trade publications and industry profiles, which provide you with the "big picture."  (Government documents are also a good source of industry information.)

Political and Social Science Research

Search these political science, social science, and broad cross-disciplinary indexes for scholarly articles to place this case in context.  Remember to search using broad concept terms. Learn the scholarly conversation surrounding these issues and understand the debates.  How to get started?

  1. Start with a research review from Annual Review of Political Science or a scholarly book in the library.
  2. Follow some of the critical authors mentioned in the notes and bibliographies of these books and articles.
  3. Do a cited reference search in Google Scholar (look at the "cited by" hyperlink) or Social Sciences Citation Index.
  4. Then, search for articles in one of the databases recommended here or the Political Science Research Guide.

Citizens' Organizations

These websites are often rich sources for research because they have lists of links and bibiliographies.