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Gould Library staff continue our commitment to support the teaching and research needs of the Carleton community. Information on remote access to library resources and services will be updated regularly on the Remote Resources and Guidance for Library Users page and this FAQ. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need additional assistance.

Research Data Management at Carleton

New England Collaborative Data Management Curriculum

Lesson plans, research cases, example data management plans and additional materials for teaching undergraduates, graduate students and researchers in the sciences, health sciences and engineering disciplines.

Teaching Integrity in Empirical Research: A Soup-to-Nuts Protocol for Documenting Data Management and Analysis

An emerging project from Haverford College to develop a protocol document all the steps of data management and analysis involved in undergraduate empirical papers.


Research on Teaching Data Management

Tenopir, Carol, Suzie Allard, Priyanki Sinha, Danielle Pollock, Jess Newman, Elizabeth Dalton, Mike Frame, and Lynn Baird. “Data Management Education from the Perspective of Science Educators.” International Journal of Digital Curation 11, no. 1 (November 28, 2016): 232–51. doi:10.2218/ijdc.v11i1.389.