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ECON 270: Economics of the Public Sector

For Professor Jenny Bourne - Spring 2022

Legislation & Policy Debate

Legislation and Policy - State Level

Interest Groups and Public Policy Institutes

Nonpartisan Government Reports

The U.S. government researches public policy programs and issues.  The Congressional Research Service provides research and analysis to Congress and the Government Accountability Office analyzes the effectiveness of government programs. 

Congressional Research Service (CRS) reports are not automatically made public.  However, the library has hundreds of CRS reports on file, and various libraries and organizations are making a concerted effort to collect and digitize as many CRS reports as possible.

Government Accountability Office reports are available both through the library or online.

  • In Catalyst, at the Carleton library (search United States. Government Accountability Office as "author")
  • (reports 1921 to present)
  • GPO (reports to 1989-2008)

National Research Organizations