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LTAM 300: Issues in Latin American Studies

Professor Silvia Lopez

Tips for making writing easier

  • Outline your own manuscript based on an exemplar work: find an article or piece of writing in your discipline and outline your paper in a similar way (consider how the exemplar article has its topics outlined).

  • Once you have a general outline: write to each section of your new outline and add the material from the draft writing you started with.

  • Expand on each of the topic (paragraphs).

  • You do not have to write your final paper in order (introduction to conclusion).

Adapted from:  Gray, T. (2020). Writing your dissertation quickly and well. In K. Townsend, M. N. K. Saunders, R. Loudoun, & E. A. Morrison (Eds.) How to keep your doctorate on track: Insights from students’ and supervisors’ experiences.Cheltenham, U. K.: Edward Elgar.