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ECON 232: U.S. Economic History

For Professor Bourne -- Fall 2016

Catalyst -- The Library Catalog

When you want to search for books and government documents in the Carleton and St. Olaf libraries (excluding article-level works), you'll want to use the "Books" tab of Catalyst from the library homepage, 

or, since you're here, just use the search box below.

Books & eBooks

Summaries of Economic History Topics

The overview essays and bibliographies in this multi-volume work in the Reference Room can be a great way to explore topics and get started identifying the most influential literature.

Search for Economic History Articles

Major Economic History Journals

Follow these links to the online full-text of these journals to search them one at a time, or browse current issues. Follow the links to the print versions (described in Catalyst) when online access isn't available.


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