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POSC 275: Black Radical Political Thought, 1919-1969

Professor Charisse Burden-Stelly-spring 2019

What is an annotated bibliography?

1. An annotated bibliography is an organized list of sources that includes a paragraph length (100-200 words) annotation.


2. An annotation includes a description/summary of the source and also includes a short evaluation as to how the source can be used in your argument.


3. An annotation is not an abstract.


4. We write annotated bibliographies to provide a literature review of a topic/subject. They also demonstrate the research you have conducted and allows a reader to see the major sources of information on your topic.


5. Writing an annotated bibliography helps you synthesize your own research and should help you develop a thesis.

Format for annotated bibliography

Looking at the Chicago Manual of Style:

  • Remember that you are required to use Chicago notes/bib citation style.  You can find a copy at the ready reference desk and online through Catalyst.
  • The more you cite, the more likely you will be able to identify what a book citation and journal article citation might look like, for example. However, it is more important to know how to use the style guide, not to memorize how to do a citation.
  • On the style guide, I recommend that you look over: “Basic Format with examples/variations” (Basic structure of a note), Bibliographies (overview and arrangement of entries), Books (all other formats are derived from Books).
  • Primary sources in Chicago Format: are explained, with examples, following the Books format.


What your annotated bibliography should look like:


  • An annotated bibliography is arranged alphabetically by author last name.
  • Citation first and then the annotation.
  • The citation has to be indented the same way you would indent it for a regular bibliography.
  • Entire annotation is indented from the left margin.

Citing Your Sources