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IDSC 100: Science in the News

For Professor Cindy Blaha - Fall 2020

Databases by Subject

Good Starting Places

Evaluating Sources

Who is the author? What do you know about them?

What type of article is it? Original research? Meta-analysis? Review of research?

Which journal is it published in? What is the reputation of that journal? 

What year was it written? How current is it?

What is the evidence? Are there tables, charts, equations, notes, and citations? Does the evidence come from the authors' own research or from other works? 

What is the purpose of the article? Is it informative? Persuasive? Is it alerting or providing detail?

Who is the audience? What assumptions does the author make about her or his audience? What level of detail is included? What kind of terminology is used and is it defined for the reader?