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HIST 170: Modern Latin America 1810-Present

Professor Pedro Quijada

Reference sources and MLA International Bibliography

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Using Catalyst to begin with a keyword search or names of people and places:

In the Catalyst search box above, conduct a keyword search for the name of a person or group or people (example: Sir Francis Drake; caudillo; romani). Then, limit your search to "reference entries."  Reference entries are reference articles found in electronic encyclopedias. These reference entries will:

  1. Provide an overview
  2. Present additional resources such as books that discuss your topic in depth
  3. Present additional keywords that will apply to your topic


In addition to using a Catalyst keyword search to find names of people, you can use it to search for themes presented in your text (example: coffee Latin America). A keyword search can be useful when you do not know much about a topic. It is often helpful to do a keyword search on your topic, and, once you find an appropriate source, examine the subjects (usually found in the middle of the page as you scroll down). You may then conduct a subject search by clicking on the linked subject heading in Catalyst. Keeping a list of the phrases you find in the subject headings can help you form more and more complex and effective searches as your research progresses.