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HIST 383: Africa's Colonial Legacies

Prof. Thabiti Willis - Spring 2019

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Pro tip: Some helpful topics, arranged by alphabet (D comes before DA; DA 17 comes before DA 170)

  • D839 - D860 Post-war global history (1945- )
  • DT17 - DT39 History of Africa (general, including foreign intervention)

​Pro tip: Every country in Africa has its own HISTORY call # range. For instance....

  • DT509.97 - DT512.9 History of Ghana (Gold Coast) 
  • DT641 - DT665 History of Zaire / Congo (Democratic Republic) / Belgian Congo
  • DT1701 - DT2405 History of South Africa 

Pro tip: Use these call #s for paper reference, journals, and books!

Pro tip: All the world history call #s! Dive into the deep end of library geekdom!

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Thinking critically about your primary sources