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Summer Research Partners and Mellon Mays Undergraduate Fellows

Planning for Collaborative Research


  • NOTE: leave project-level documentation in a shared place that everyone in your team can access (the main/home project folder within Google Docs or Dropbox; a team blog; a shared Evernote folder; Github, etc. YOUR HARD DRIVE IS A BAD IDEA!)
  • NOTE: share docs with the other students on the team and give them information

Questions for collaborators

  • What will future collaborators need to know about this project?
  • Where will we keep our documentation?
  • Who is responsible for keeping and maintaining the documentation?
  • What needs to be documented daily?
  • What needs to be documented at project level?

More resources

  • Help maintain consistency between people and years
  • Facilitate understanding for other team members
  • Facilitate more efficient collaboration between team members
  • Assist with hotfixes or quick fixes
  • Speed up the development process