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BIOL 224: Landscape Ecology

For Professor John Berini - Fall 2022

Data "Landscape"

Who produce ecological data?

  • Researchers
  • Research teams
  • Government agencies
  • Collaborative research organizations

Where can you look for ecological data?

  • Data repositories
  • Search engines that search across data repositories
  • Government web sites
  • Journal web sites
  • Project web sites

Processes for Data Searching

  1. Brainstorm potential sources and make a plan (considering available time and other scopes)
  2. Searching the journal literature - following leads to project sites or repositories of journal replication data like Dryad. 
  3. Going to the web sites of government agencies and looking for data web sites, catalogs and repositories
  4. Starting in broad repositories like Dryad or DataONE
  5. Identifying and looking in disciplinary, regional, or format-specific repositories like Living Atlas and ArcGIS Online

Sources for Consideration

Finding Repositories