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ENGL 327: Victorian Novel

Created for Professor Susan Jaret McKinstry - Spring 2024

Finding Texts

Start with Project Gutenberg

If you don't find what you need in Project Gutenberg, contact Adam and he'll help you find a workable version of your text.


Voyant Tool Instructions

Other potentially useful tools

Depending on how you need to manipulate or clean your texts prior to or during analysis, these tools may come in handy. If you need to do something that isn't represented here, DHA drop-in hours would be a great place to talk to someone who can help you manipulate your text.

Any good Plain Text Editor
While you can use Word or Google Docs, these introduce code in the background that can complicate the process down the road. Most computers come with at least one plain text editor built in (like TextEdit or Notepad) but there are lots of powerful free ones available for download as well. I use BBEdit (the free version).