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ENGL 366: The Carleton Miscellany

Created for Professor Kowalewski - Fall 2019

General Research Strategy

Try Advanced Searches in Catalyst, and WorldCat with the editor's names as Authors (for things they wrote) or as Subjects (for things written about them).

info_outline Search Catalyst for CDs, DVDs, LPs, and streaming audio and video held by St. Olaf and Carleton.
info_outline Search or browse research and how-to guides curated by your librarians.

Also try large repositories of digitized text or literary criticism:

And of course, don't forget to visit the College Archives or Special Collections

The majority of historical material on these men has not been digitized.

Special collections also houses copies of books and other materials that are of great value, such as the Furioso.

The College Archives are a great place to start when looking for historical information about people associated with Carleton. They have also digitized the Carletonian!

Wayne Booth

Wayne Booth, a professor at the University of Chicago, was listed as "Editor, Department of American" for the first seven volumes of the Miscellany: 1960-1966.

Editors' Chronology

Reed Whittemore

Editor: Fall 1960 (vol 1.1) - Summer 1964 (vol 5.3)
Editor emeritus (several funny titles like "Editor at large and abroad"): Fall 1964 (5.4) - Fall 1966 (vol 7.4)

Wayne Booth (University of Chicago)

Editor, Department of American: Fall 1960 (vol 1.1) - Fall 1966 (vol 7.4)

Erling Larsen

Associate Editor: Fall 1960 (vol 1.1) - Summer 1964 (vol 5.3)
Editor: Fall 1964 (vol 5.4) - Winter 1970 (vol 11.3)
Associate Editor: Spring 1971 (vol 11.4) - Spring/Summer 1974 (vol 14.2)

Wayne Carver

Associate Editor: Fall 1960 (vol 1.1) - Winter 1970 (vol 11.3)
Editor: Spring 1971 (vol 11.4) - Fall/Winter 1976/77 (vol 16.1/2)

Keith Harrison

Editor: Winter 1977/78 (vol 17.1) - Winter 1980/81 (vol 18.3)