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HIST 204: Jews, Christians and Muslims in the Medieval Mediterranean

Prof. Victoria Morse -- Winter 2019



In Apocalipsin: Beatus de Liebana Codex Urgellensis
Saint Beatus, Presbyter of Liebana (d.798)
Madrid: Testimonio Compaña, 1997
Gould Library Special Collections
18 April 2011

Use this Guide for...

  1. Navigating the Library
  2. Finding sources for your research paper
  3. Formatting your bibliography and footnotes

Remember: Research is a skill that everyone need to learn and practice!

How to browse for a book

Browsing the shelves

The books in the library are shelved in call number order, so books on a similar topic are shelved together. Take time to look at the books shelved near books that you've found. You can also use Catalyst to virtually browse the shelves: click on a record for a print book title (ebooks are not included in this feature) and scroll down to Virtual Browse to see books that would be shelved nearby.

[visual description: screen shot showing book titles in the Catalyst virtual browse]

Five ways to find scholarship

  1. Look up a KNOWN ITEM in Catalyst
  2. Look up a known item in Catalyst, browse by SUBJECT
  3. Look up a known item in Catalyst, browse by CALL NUMBER
  4. Use a known item, read FOOTNOTES and BIBLIOGRAPHY
  5. Search in a specialized DATABASE or REFERENCE SOURCE