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Off Campus Access to Library Resources

Add "Library Research Guides" Resource to Moodle

You can add a "Resource" to your Moodle course that will give your students easy access to library research guides.

  1. Let your librarian know that you'd like to do this so that the librarian can get the guide set up to feed into Moodle
  2. In Editing Mode in Moodle, click “Add an Activity or Resource”
  3. Scroll down the resource list and select “Library Research Guides”
    Library Research Guides resource in Moodle
  4. Click “Add”
  5. Fill in the title you want to appear (when in doubt, use “Library Research Guide”)
  6. Click “Save and Return to Course”

Linking to full text readings from the library

When linking to full text readings in your Moodle courses, it's important to be sure that the link will work for students even when they're off campus. To do so:

  1. Look for a "permalink" or "permanent URL" or "stable URL" to use. (Often the URL in your browser's address bar will not work for other people, especially in library resources from EBSCO and ProQuest.) If you have trouble finding this URL, a librarian can help!
  2. Paste that URL into our tool that creates "EZproxy links" (below) and click the "Make EZproxy Link" button. (EZproxy links prompt students to log in for off-campus access.)
  3. Paste the resulting URL into your Moodle course.

Enter your URL (including https://):

Adding Librarian-Created Videos to Moodle

Use embed code to put the video into Moodle

  1. Click "Add an activity or resource"
  2. Near the bottom, click to add a "Page"
  3. Give the page a name
  4. In the "Content" section, click the Code icon
    Code snippet icon
  5. Paste in the embed code that your librarian sent you, if you don't have that, ask them for embed code
  6. Save the page