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POSC 261: Power, Freedom, and Revolution

Professor Czobor-Lupp - Fall 2016

Useful Reference Sources - Overall

Catalyst Search Strategies

Given these revolutions are all extensively covered in the scholarly and general press, there are far too many specific useful resources to list here. Instead, some general search tips:

  • Use Catalyst to find books and articles on the revolution.
  • Use the facets on the left to narrow to specific subject areas, just to books or articles, just to reference, or specific publishers like Oxford.
  • When you find a book or article that's helpful, use the subject headings to find more like that one. Some sample subject headings (this is just a sampling, usually there are multiple subject headings that apply to any given topic):
    • Soviet Union -- History -- Revolution, 1917-1921 
    • Egypt -- History -- Protests, 2011-
    • Hungary -- History -- Revolution, 1956
    • Iran -- History -- Revolution, 1979
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