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What is a bibliographic management tool and why do I want it?

Bibliographic management tools are tools that help you organize, manage, and cite the sources that you've found during your research.  They can be great for so many things:

  • Keeping track of those articles you found.
  • Letting you search for a source that you've found by whatever criteria you'd like.
  • Keeping annotations and notes about those articles.
  • Allowing you to group articles by whatever you'd like.
  • Automatically creating citations and bibliographies in your preferred style (yes, that includes APA 6th)

The Tools

This guide gives details about two different tools:

  • EndNote: EndNote is software that you install on your computer. It is also installed on all Carleton lab computers. We have a site license, which allows you to have the software for free, and you can take it with you after you graduate, though you won't be able to get upgrades after graduation unless you pay for them. Your documents are saved on your computer.
  • Zotero: Zotero is a plug in that you can install on your browser, or you can install a standalone software. We have a site license that offers you unlimited storage.