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PSYC 250: Developmental Psychology

Fall 2021 - Professor Kathleen Galotti

Finding Monographs of the Society for Research in Child Development

There are two ways to get to the online Monographs of the Society for Research in Child Development; the library has access through multiple databases. You should be able to use the links below to get access to any issue you need. JSTOR offers access to older issues, Wiley (the publisher) offers access to newer issues -- see note below about access through Wiley to 1990-1996 volumes.

1990 - current

  • Access through Wiley (pdf of articles)
    • Click on the year range your monograph is from to expand and see yours. Either 2010-2021 (volumes 75-86) or 2000-2010 (volumes 65-74).
    • If at any time the database asks about "tokens", please click on Use Token.

1936 - 6 years prior to today (starting with vol. 1)

  • Access through JSTOR (pdf scans of articles).
    • Please proceed through the Unsafe message from your browser, apologies for this, we are working on it.

Other access: 1999 - 1 year prior to today

Print copies

  • We have print copies in the library building from vol 4, num 4 (1939) to vol 79, num 4 (2014). Catalyst record.

Finding Commentaries

In early Monographs, the commentaries are included in the issues.

For later Monographs (2019 and newer), the commentaries are found on the website below.