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PSYC 250: Developmental Psychology

Fall 2018 - Professor Kathleen Galotti

Some thoughts on research...

Research is not always a linear process. Instead, it is a matter of trying something, evaluating and learning from the results, refining your strategy, trying something else, and exploring lots of possibilities. You search and re-search :) The list below contains questions to keep in mind as you do your research.  

Remember also that librarians are always here to help.

Some other questions to ask yourself as you're starting your research

1.  What discipline or disciplines am I working in?  Are there other disciplines that might be interested in the same question?
  Some tools:

·   Subject research guides: library web site - Guides

·   Databases by subject: library web site - Databases: Databases by subject

2.   What sources do I already have?
Do they mention other sources of information or data (bibliography)?
Do they use specific terminology or wording?
Do they talk about particular places, people, or agencies?

3.   What type of literature or information do I need?
Who might collect that information?
Who would be interested in it?

4.   How and where will I search for the information I need?

5.   How will I access the information that I find?

6.   What keywords or terms could be used to describe my topic?

7.   After running a few searches: What results am I getting? Am I getting too many results? Too few?

8.   What refinements should I make to my search to get the number of results I want?

9.   How will I use the results that I’ve found?

10. What information am I still missing?